Playlists are my love language.

Remember that kid that was always making mixtapes? That was me. Later, I was the one burning CDs for everyone. Today, I bring a world of music right to you.

I couldn’t find a place to share music I love so I built it.

How do I do that? Music straight to your inbox 3 times a week.

Maybe it’s an old favorite. Maybe it’s a new discovery. Either way, it’ll be something I know will brighten your day.

If you’ve been looking for an engaged community of people who share your love of music, you’re in the right spot.

Give me two weeks, and I’ll give you a new favorite song.

There are both free and paid options available.

All subscribers receive 3 weekly posts delivered by email. Paying supporters receive additional exclusive content such as longer-form deep dives, interviews, record reviews, and access to playlists for any occasion. All of that and good karma for directly supporting this project for less than $1 a week.

My goal is to consistently deliver high-quality content, and that means this newsletter takes a lot of work/resources. It simply isn’t possible without financial support.

Take a look at all of the back posts to see more of what you can expect.

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I’m mindful that not everyone who’d like to upgrade can afford to. If you’re in a tough spot right now, email me. I’ve been there. You don’t have to “prove” anything or make your case. Just ask.

And if you’re someone who can afford a subscription and would like to pay it forward, you can! To donate a subscription, click the button below.

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For Artists:

If you and/or someone you know made something you’d like me to hear, email me at kevinaalexander@gmail.com and we’ll figure out the best way to get it to my ears.

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