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This publication sits at the intersection of music discovery and community, helping you find a new favorite song, or remember a forgotten gem. We strive to make music discovery personal-and personable- again.

Playlists are my love language.

Remember that kid that was always making mixtapes? That was me. Later, I was the one burning CDs for everyone. Sharing playlists? Yep, that too.

What I found was that music discovery was increasingly driven by sterile algorithms. I missed the days of someone pressing a tape into my hand and saying, “you gotta hear this!” I missed the time and intention involved in making a mixtape. Mostly, I missed sharing music I loved with people I hoped would love it too.

I couldn’t find a place to share music I love so I built it.

Today, I bring a world of music right to you. How do I do that? Music straight to your inbox 3 times a week. Maybe it’s an old favorite. Maybe it’s a new discovery. Either way, it’ll be something I know will brighten your day. More importantly, this is also a place for you to share your favorites.

If you’ve been looking for an engaged community of people who share your love of music, you’re in the right spot.

Give me two weeks, and I’ll give you a new favorite song.

Praise from readers

“Kevin’s newsletter reads like your cool friend you meet your freshman year of college who has way more albums than you. The reason I’ve got such great, eclectic taste in music is because I’ve had friends like that my whole life.” —Mark

“I’m more than happy to support your work because it is so interesting and intelligent…it opens up new sonic landscapes-always a pleasure and joy. Thank you!”- Jack

“Great writing and excellent music recommendations that I have come to rely on — all laid out in a clear, easy-to-read & listen format. Highly recommend! ”—Fog Chaser

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We don’t run ads here; On Repeat is 100% reader funded. All support comes from you. Your subscriptions keep the lights on and allow me to keep bringing you stories & records you might not see anywhere else. It allows me to surface emerging artists, and revisit forgotten classics we love—all in my own voice, and without outside influence.

Paying supporters have full access to the archives (~500 posts and growing as of this writing) and to all newsletters, conversation threads, interviews, and weekly industry roundups.

All of that and good karma for directly supporting this project for less than $1 a week.

My goal is to consistently deliver high-quality content, and that means this newsletter takes a lot of work/resources. It simply isn’t possible without financial support.

Take a look at all of the back posts to see more of what you can expect.

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