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"Cool people should know cool people."

"Cool people should know cool people."

Writer S.W. Lauden brings his ten songs this week.
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"Cool people should know cool people." Indeed. If you don't already know them, please let me introduce you to two of the coolest on this platform: Keith R. Higgons and SW Lauden. I first connected with both on Medium, and they have each greatly influenced my writing career. Both are on Substack, and I highly recommend Remember the Lightning and Abandoned Albums. If you like what you read here, you'll love what they're putting together. Please check 'em both out.  Below is the latest episode of Keith's Mix and Match project, where Lauden was recently a guest. In a wide-ranging chat, they discuss (among other things) what each is working on and why championing other people's work matters. Plenty of killer music too. Seriously, this is a great listen, and I think you'll love it. KA-- -

That there is straight from the lips of S.W. Lauden, who dropped by this week with ten songs in tow. Ten songs that helped shape, and are shaping, his musical landscape.

Now long before he was a repeat offender on Abandoned Albums (he’s been a real friend of the pod since day one) I knew S.W. Lauden as a crime fiction writer. And because so much of his writing was music-centric, I was immediately drawn to it. After we connected on Medium a few years ago, and I ceased my fan-boying, I found not just a great writer with hella good music taste, but a kindred spirit.

Of course, that is the Readers Digest version (and I tip my hat to you if you get that reference), but it’s accurate.

Any time I get the chance to chat with Steve, it’s bound to be informative and fun… and this week is no exception. And we get to share the conversation with you all!

I would have to say that I’m the furthest thing from cool, but I’m glad to know S.W. Lauden, who is cool.

After posting my bond, I am now free from Spotify jail and can post a link to the playlist:

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