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WAIM #066 - The Greatest Show Of My Life w/ Jennifer Toms, Ryan Allen & Kevin Alexander

WAIM #066 - The Greatest Show Of My Life w/ Jennifer Toms, Ryan Allen & Kevin Alexander

A special, three act episode of the podcast featuring a trio of stories on life changing nights of live music.
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What was the best show of your life? That was the question asked recently by longtime friend of On Repeat Matty C., and if you're reading this, you likely have at least a few to try and choose from. I certainly did, and while it wasn't an easy choice, I think it was a good one. Spontaneity and roadtrips have been top of mind for me lately, and this one checked those boxes and more. Also: No spoilers, but I assure you I didn't pick New Order for this episode. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we did putting it together. KA-- -

For a certain sect of folks, live music is a religion. Most of the best nights of my life involved seeing a show. I have never had the high that I hear runners talk about, or the connection with God that some parishioners feel on Sundays, but I have felt the spirit move through me in a darkened room as music pumped through my veins.

There is something truly magical about sharing a room with a bunch of strangers all there for a common purpose. Live shows were where I found most of my very best friends, and it was where I began to find myself a bit as well. 

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This week on the show, we have three different stories of magical nights of live music. It’s a sort of This American Life style show in three acts, as a trio of returning guests offer up the best live music night of their lives. 

Jennifer Toms from A Rueful Noise kicks things off with a tale of Sleater Kinney, a thunderstorm, a tornado warning, and dancing alone in a baseball field. 

Next up, Kevin Alexander of On Repeat is up to share his story of seeing Jawbreaker in the next state over at the height of his fandom. Two friends, five hours of driving, rest stop coffee, the glory of a road trip, and more. 


We finish things up on this special episode with a tale of Ryan Allen of Extra Arms with a harrowing tale of being on tour down under. The story involves a death defying feat, high theater at a rock show, and ponders just how remote the Australian Outback might be.

I really hope you dig this.

Matty C

What was your most amazing night of live music? Be sure to let us know what you thought of this special episode.

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