The instrumental version of this album would be perfection.

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My favorite track on the album is "After the Flood". The density of the arrangement is astounding; it took me years of listening before I noticed certain parts. Although it is nine minutes long, it doesn't feel tedious at all; on the contrary, it feels much shorter than it actually is. The lyrics "shake my head / turn my face to the floor" express a strange emotion of shame, and the following extended noise solo almost feels like a wordless cry from the heart. Brilliant. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Quite a lot going on for those who are willing to be patient and allow multiple listens to absorb this album's richness.

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Dec 3, 2022Liked by Kevin Alexander

Hey Kevin, I'm a regular substack reader but found you in the outer wilds of the internet via a search for "Taphead" by Talk Talk. Finally tracked you to here which is a safe space for me :).

It's 1.45am, I'm doing my work thing, and I like some vinyl when I'm coding. It forces me to stand up every 25 minutes which isn't much but betters 8 hours of numb spotify streams.

Anyway someone had given me the Talk Talk LP.

And I really like this track. It does bring a radiohead premonition, but also has the subtlest (beautiful) jazz backing, and a maybe-talktalk-exclusive sound that reminded of those "animals and pouting dude" videos they made when I was a kid. Very empty and sad yet beautiful and uplifting. I think it's a special song. (Maybe a top ten IML, at least for now. )

Haven't looked at your other writing, but looking forward to doing so

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